As the number of Nova Scotians moving into condominiums continues to climb, so to have the number of pets.  Developers have realized this trend and are now offering everything from in-house pet stations with showers to outdoor pet parks. Still, if you’re a pet owner contemplating moving into a condo building, there are a few things to consider.

1. Can your pet handle small area living?

First, the most important factor to consider is whether your pet is suited for that type of living environment. Is your pet/dog small or large, loud or quiet, high energy? Different breeds are better suited for small living areas and don’t require as much space or exercise as other breeds. Also, some animals have separation anxiety and can be quite loud when their owners are away. A yappy dog is sure to cause issues with neighbours.  So ask yourself, will your pet be happy living in a condo?

2. Condo Pet Rules

Inform yourself about the condo building’s rules regarding pets in the building. Some forbid pets of any kind while others allow cats but not dogs. Also, some buildings restrict the size of dogs allowed. However, most condo buildings in Nova Scotia are completely open to the concept of pet ownership, as long as you and your pet adhere to building rules (where they can use the washroom) and anti-nuisance rules.

3. Condo Location

It’s important for pet owners to consider the location of the condominium; a dog living in a condo is going to need to stretch its legs. Is the condominium you’re considering close to areas where you can walk your dog? In Halifax, there are many fantastic off-leash parks and as long as you live close to one of them, you should be able to conveniently exercise your pet. Here are a few of the best dog parks around Halifax:

Point Pleasant ParkHemlock Ravine Park, Dartmouth Commons, Frog Pond TrailShubie Park, Long Lake Provincial ParkFort Needham Memorial Park, Africville Park, Halifax Commons
Gorsebrook Park, Belchers Marsh Park

4. What happens if there is an issue involving my pet?

The proper place to go first is the condo board, which can apply a number of remedies ranging from mediation and resolving the dispute, or requiring modifications to the pet owner’s behaviour to forcing the removal of the pet. This might sound extreme, but keep in mind if your neighbours are unhappy with your pet, they can make your life unhappy as well. Overall, the majority of condominiums in Nova Scotia are pet friendly as long as the pet is well behaved and owners respect the building rules and policies you should have no problem. If you own a pet and are contemplating moving into a condo, consider all aspects when choosing your building.

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