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The Hydrostone is a special place in Halifax. It’s quaint, hidden, and easily missed if you aren’t paying attention. But this small oasis has a big history behind it and has an even bigger meaning for why it exists. This article will explain some of the history, the charm, and what the hydrostone real estate in Halifax is like.

Hydrostone Real Estate Halifax (Halifax Explosion)


December 1917, the Halifax explosion obliterated the city’s North End. As a means to coalesce into something of a remembrance and as a token of hope and perseverance, a small European town-like facade was erected. It covers the distance of no more than a leisurely walk, and if you don’t pay attention, you can miss it as you’re driving by. But much like an oasis, it is a stark and warm embrace to the eyes.

The people are gleaming with relaxation, as though they’re in an oasis (or staycation). It truly is as a world of its own as much as it is small in size. The quaint neighborhood also has a convenient free 30-minute parking alongside it to further welcome you into its warm embrace.

Hydrostone Halifax street view

How It Looks

If pictures don’t do it justice, which they really don’t, imagine a little slice of a modest town in Europe, that dates back a few generations give or take. Thomas Adams, the influential town planner at the time, had imagined different buildings that vary in look but share the same theme which work together in creating a feeling that you are in a little slice of Europe. The Hydro-Stone name comes from the type of concrete blocks used to erect the buildings. The Hydrostone neighborhood to say the least, is an important achievement for Halifax, and more so for the town planner.

“Some of the most accurate evidence of the District’s architectural majesty can be found at The Hydrostone Market.”

 The Hydrostone Market Website

Hydrostone Small Business Owner (Hydrostone Real Estate)

What it represents now

Today, the Hydro-Stone has a clear propensity to support small businesses that vary in the services they offer. From Salvatore’s Pizza, or the Yarn Shop, Sushi & Flare, to Fine Crafts and the Spa. There’s so much Character to explore in this little space in downtown Halifax.

Hydrostone Real Estate Halifax Condo view

Why Live In The Hydrostone?

The Hydrostone real estate is different from the rest of Halifax. In that everything seems to be cohesive. Even the apartment complexes and condos nearby seem to fit right in with the feel the hydrostone gives. The Hydrostone has that charm that can make you never want to leave. It’s got everything you need, from the looks, the energy, to the amenities. Surrounding this town-like oasis are many new condos and apartment buildings, faintly serving as a barricade or city wall. Serving as protection to the theme of the Hydrostone. It’s hard to think you can be anywhere other than a modest town in Europe if you can’t see past the living new complexes and beautifully constructed businesses. Further solidifying the notion that you’re somewhere else.

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Evans Real Estate

Walking through the hydrostone is really an experience worth trying. But finding the right apartment can still feel a little overwhelming. Afterall, the living complexes really do act as a barrier separating it from the rest of the city. So we understand it can be a little daunting because there is a lot to choose from. But that doesn’t mean you have to guess or wonder if you’re making the right decision. We can walk you through all the options and help you figure out what will make the most sense for your lifestyle. Whether it’s Hydrostone real estate in Halifax, or tantallon real estate outside of the HRM. When you’re thinking of finding a new home, just know we’ve got you covered.

Phil And Syna (Halifax Realtors For hydrostone Real Estate)

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