Airbnb Halifax What You Need To Know

New Airbnb Regulations Coming to Halifax

The new Airbnb regulations coming to Halifax, Nova Scotia are becoming increasingly important for those looking to rent out their homes or apartments on the popular online platform. Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, is one of the most popular destinations for Airbnb & Verbo rentals in the province. Halifax has seen a significant increase in short term rental activity over the past few years which has impacted the long-term rental market. This blog will discuss how Airbnb regulations in Nova Scotia, specifically Halifax are changing.

What Costs Are Associated With Running An Airbnb In Halifax

The Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) in Nova Scotia is introducing new regulations for short-term rentals such as Airbnb. These regulations are intended to ensure that the city’s housing stock remains available for long-term rental and to protect renters and home owners from potential issues with noise, parking, and other disturbances. The first part of the new regulations will require Airbnb hosts across Nova Scotia to register with their municipality as of April 1st and pay a fee based on the number of bedrooms. If the short-term rental has four or less bedrooms the cost to register or renew is $50 per year. If the short-term rental has more than 4 bedrooms the cost to register or renew is $150 per year. This will help ensure that everyone using the platform is following the same regulations and that hosts are held accountable for their actions.

Where Can Airbnb’s Operate In Halifax, Nova Scotia

As of September 1st, 2023 Owners of short-term rental properties that reside in residential zoned neighbourhoods in the HRM will only be able to operate Airbnb’s or Verbos in their primary residence. Those who have properties in mixed use or commercial zones anywhere in the HRM do not have to abide by that requirement.

Want to Learn More About Airbnb Regulations Coming to Halifax Nova Scotia?

Syna, our resident on camera celebrity, has made a youtube video outlining the new regulations for Airbnb’s and Verbo’s here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Check out her video HERE

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Written By: Melisa Simpson

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