Houses, available for sale, in Lawrencetown, have greatly increased over the years. This is due to the proximity to beaches & Cole Harbour – Dartmouth amenities. The commute between Dartmouth & Burnside is approximately 20 minutes. Houses with people commuting to Halifax for work can expect an approximately 30-minute commute.

You will find a wide range of houses for sale in Lawrencetown, from small cottages to mobile homes, to large custom-built family houses. The properties for sale will therefore have a large price range from $200,000 to $3,000,000. Most of the houses for sale will be on well & septic. Although there are a few homes with municipal water as you get closer to Cole Harbour. If you are searching for houses for sale, in the HRM, Lawrencetown is a great neighbourhood for kids & teenagers to grow up out in nature biking or surfing. The Atlantic View Trail is 10 km of trails perfect for biking, running & hiking. It connects to the Salt March Trail, which is another 9km, to Cole Harbour.

Surfing is a major draw for people buying houses in Lawrencetown. Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park & Canada’s Ocean Playground by Seaforth are popular surfing beaches. For pedestrian beaches, you will find Rainbow Haven & Conrad’s Beach to be very popular in the summer. Many of the residents are young professionals that desire more spacious lots than traditional subdivisions in Cole Harbour.

Lawrencetown is well known for its unique coastal environment. A large number of environmentally sensitive marsh and lake systems play a vital role in both the ocean’s ecosystem and as a natural habitat. Lawrencetown also boasts some of the nicest recreational beaches within Halifax County as shown by the large number of people who frequent the beaches during the summer. For the most part, Lawrencetown is comprised of undeveloped forested land.

In developed areas, Lawrencetown supports a variety of land uses. Most properties for sale are residential development and is the primary land use. Single-unit houses for sale comprise the majority of the housing stock. While residential houses are the most commonly found houses for sale, you can find mobile homes and auxiliary apartments that represent a small component of the housing stock.

Other than a one-row house dwelling at 2287 Lawrencetown Rd.  in Upper Lawrencetown, multiple-unit dwellings are non-existent. There are few commercial lands uses found within the Plan Area, and many of these are home-based and serve a local market. The majority of commercial uses are dispersed along Highway No. 207 and no real commercial core can be identified in the Plan Area. Similarly, most personal and service needs are accommodated by home businesses which are located throughout the Plan Area. In the Municipal By-Laws Lawrencetown allows residents to designate 25% of their square footage towards a home business. There are a number of salvage yards and service industry and light manufacturing operations located within the Plan Area that were grandfathered in.

The Special Area Designation is intended to protect the unique biological and physical characteristics of certain lands within Lawrencetown and to support the Department of Lands and Forests’ efforts to establish the Cole Harbour/Lawrencetown Coastal Heritage Park System.

If you are looking to buy a house for sale in Lawrencetown or if you are looking to sell your home in Lawrencetown please feel free to contact us for further information. We can also provide information on vacant land in Lawrencetown as well.

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