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Clayton Park is a staple in the Halifax lifestyle. You’ll often find yourself traveling to Clayton Park for your needs, as it can quite often make up for the lack you may find in Halifax. Clayton Park is a happy marriage of quiet and quite busy. You’ll find it has a convenience about it that will keep you coming back. In fact, you might even consider moving there. There’s never been a shortage of homes for sale in Clayton Park Halifax NS, despite how full it can feel. This article delves into the lifestyles, amenities, and housing in Clayton Park, Halifax (NS).


Clayton Park HousingHousing In Clayton Park

Clayton Park houses and condos tend to be priced very well. There tends to always be an exchange between houses being on sale in Clayton Park and people moving into Clayton Park. It’s a great place to settle, it’s a great place to save money in order to grow, and it’s a great in-between. Whether or not you want to move into Clayton Park, you’ll constantly find yourself moving in and out of it for day to day living.


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Mainland North Trail Clayton Park Halifax Nova ScotiaConnected By A Trail

There is Mainland North Trail that runs through Clayton Park. It starts at the homes at the top of Parkland Dr. near the Glenbourne soccer pitch. Then, it runs all the way through Clayton park, ending  past the Trinity Anglican Church of Halifax on Main Ave. It’s a bustling trail with many people using it for their leisurely walk or for upholding their fitness. From kids and dog walkers to athletes and the elderly. It’s a cheerful stretch of Clayton park that will be sure to make its way into your regular daily or weekly activities.


New Parents (Homes For Sale Clayton Park Halifax NS)New Parents

For parents with children there are apartments like Icon Bay near to Clayton Park Jr High School, with many homes and apartments within walking distance of the school. The school is right off of Lacewood Drive, but there are also a few houses and apartments on Gateway Rd, Pambelle ln, Stoney Brook Court, and Scarlet Road within walking distance of the school. Nearby to these neighborhoods are Sobeys, Superstore and Giant Tiger, making it easier to handle the unpredictability of parenthood.


High Schoolers (Clayton Park Halifax)High Schoolers

For parents with children in highschool it’s much the same, and maybe even better! As next to the Halifax West High School the BMO Soccer Centre and Mainland Commons Outdoor Pitch and Dog Park are right within walking distance. Not to mention many apartment complexes right off of Greenpark Close. With a full plaza including Pizza Hut, Smitty’s and Swiss Chalet well within walking distance from the school. Just across the street from that is a Starbucks as well. It’s all right off of the main road in Clayton park: Lacewood Dr. Which seems to be the central nervous system of Clayton park. This is a great place to make the grueling years of highschool easier for the parents and the children. Not far from the plaza and Halifax West are the Regency apartments right off of Regency Park Dr, talk about a safe area, right?


Elderly Housing in Clayton Park Halifax NSElderly & Family Dynamics

Clayton Park is also known for being the preferred choice for retirees to settle down in. Between the affordability housing, elderly homes like Comfort Keepers, and retirement homes like Parkland Retirement Living, it becomes clear that Clayton Park is a safe choice. For parents who live in the area already, this makes juggling family dynamics much easier. Having your parents live near you can make dropping the kids off to visit that much easier and consistent.


Keshen Goodman Clayton Park Halifax NSLibrary

Let’s talk about the state of the art library that’s right across from the Canada Games Center, also off of Lacewood Drive. The Keshen Goodman Public Library is both spacious and comfortable. It’s visually impressive as the glass walls bring the feeling of being outside without having to leave the comfort of the library. There’s a sense of safety and security that you’d have to see to understand. It’s not uncommon to see many children reading, learning, or playing games on the computers provided by the library. The library is conveniently located within walking distance of many homes and apartments. Seeing children walking to and from the library that conveys a sense of safety and peace.  The feeling of peace and safety is carried through by the kind and welcoming staff who do their part in what feels like a shelter for education and good values. It’s quite the place to learn and play for children!


Canada Games Centre (Clayton Park)Canada Games Centre

Across the street from that is the Canada Games Centre. Not only is the membership affordable, but it’s great value for your money. One of it’s main attractions is the full sized swimming pool that is watched over by a lifeguard. There area large slides that protrude from outside of the Canada Games Centre that add to the aesthetic. The centre also has a basketball court, squash courts, track and field, as well as a weight lifting facility.


Mother and Son (Day to Day in Clayton Park Homes, Halifax NS)Day To Day

On top of all of this, there’s a sobeys right off of lacewood drive. Forgot to make food? Great, there’s a sobeys close by so you can quickly grab ingredients. No time to cook? That’s fine, across from Sobeys there is a plaza full of a variety of foods, from McDonalds fast food to Mezza’s Lebanese on-the-go menu. There’s even a gas station within that same plaza, a dry cleaners, and not to mention a Dollarama (who doesn’t love that nearby their home). To top it off there’s also a Fit4Less. That’s not all, though, there are three banks within this area, and within walking distance of each other: RBC, Scotia Bank, and TD Canada Trust. There’s several plaza’s throughout Clayton Park with varying degrees of convenience for food, business, and shopping. Take your pick! 


Lacewood Terminal Clayton Park Halifax NSTransportation

Whether you’re looking for houses for sale or apartments to rent in Clayton Park, know that Clayton Park sits conveniently close to everything in the HRM. This means  transportation becomes quiet convenient whether you cab, drive, use the bus, or even get driven by a friend. There is a bus terminal right off of Lacewood Drive. This means there are many bus routes that run through Clayton Park, making it easy to get to and from home just with public transport. Whether you live in an apartment or a home in Clayton Park, there’s always a convenient bus route nearby. If you don’t drive or don’t use public transit then you’re still going to find living in Clayton Park convenient. Taxis are plentifully stationed throughout and awaiting your call. No matter your method of travel, Clayton Park is strategically located near both main HRM highways and is impossible not to be on the way to or from downtown.

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Evans Real Estate

There are more homes for sale in Clayton Park (Halifax, NS) than one can count. It’s not a matter of if, it’s not even a matter of how many. It’s a matter of which one is right for you, your lifestyle, and what kind of a life you want to live. Clayton Park is the perfect balance between city and suburban life. It marries the two uniquely, and so there are a variety of lifestyles that it can accommodate. However, depending on the area some lifestyles are better accommodated than others. With Evans Real Estate, know that our lifestyle is finding people their perfect homes, no matter where it is.Phil And Syna (Halifax Realtors For hydrostone Real Estate)

If homes for sale in Clayton Park don’t peak your interest, then Halifax might suit your taste better. Check out this article on everything you need to know about the Hydrostone in Halifax NS.

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