The Ideal Home Show

We have valuable tips for you to benefit the most from the ideal home show in Halifax (March 25-27). It can be tiring and overwhelming, so we made this article to help prepare you in knowing what to look for. Preparedness not only allows you to seize opportunities, but it also saves you time and money. 

The Ideal Home Show Halifax

What Is The Ideal Home Show?

Think of people who specialize in basic home improvements and maintenance. Now think of people who specialize in major renovations and new construction. Next, think of people who specialize in kitchen, bathroom, living room, and home decor. Now, imagine them all together in one big exhibition that also includes them and everyone else in between. That’s the Atlantics largest home show exhibition. Or simply, the ideal home show located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Ideal Home Show Halifax (Before Renovations)Been There, Done That!

We are renovation experts. And more specifically, renovations that will improve the value of your home. We’re still in the process of our own renovations. But so far we’ve taken the ugliest house on the street and fully renovated it. Now, it’s a beautiful 5 bedroom 2 bath home with an open concept kitchen. Transforming the kitchen was done but just removing one wall that was separating it from the hallway. Not only did we remove the wasted space, but we worked with the design and layout of the home, not against it. Sometimes, that’s all you have to do! Renovations are not the same as rebuilding or changing the home!

The Ideal Home Show Halifax (After Renovations)

Ask Yourself: “How Many Have Called This A Home?”

Renovations enhance the already established feel and essence of the home. Homes before were built based on the economic needs and political climate of the area they were in. It wasn’t about open concept kitchens and jacuzzis! But that’s another topic altogether. The point is, don’t give up on your home, sometimes, it just takes one wall to change the feel of it and update it in 20-50 years! Lastly, we gave the open concept space a brand new kitchen with a complimentary brand new bathroom to match. Both are just gleaming with beauty and character. What’s a renovation without a facelift you ask? We agree, and we did it with some curb appeal as well! Just check out the screen shots <insert photos or stills>. The plan isn’t to sell the house, but it will be rented out and refinanced to help fund another reno project we have our eye on. So to say we’ll be excited to attend the ideal home show in Halifax is quite alright.

The Ideal Home Show (Halifax Exhibition Center)

Attending The Ideal Home Show In Halifax

All that excitement aside, we are advocates of cultivating the right focus in order to navigate anything, including a potentially overwhelming environment like the ideal home show in Halifax can be! Asking the right questions helps you narrow down on your priorities, thus minimizing the potential of being overwhelmed. One important question you need to ask yourself is:

  • Are you attending the ideal home to look for renovations that are specifically going to improve the value of your home in Halifax?

 If you are, in our opinion, the best renovations that bring value to your home are kitchens, bathrooms, and storage. When we go into homes with buyers, we look for value in the bones. Bones are things like the foundation, roof, windows, electrical, and plumbing! We also look for good layouts which lend to how we approach cosmetic fixes such as white paint, new flooring, bath and kitchen, etc…

Civilian Business Card?

It’s essential to make a list of these questions ahead of time so you make the most of your time with the professionals at the ideal home show. You can also print off mailing labels with your information to simply peel and stick on raffles.

Comfort matters!

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes to the home show. Also, bring a bag or backpack for freebies, water or snacks. You can always rock the fanny pack if you’re a big fan of The Rock.

We Want To Buy Your Tickets!

Evans Real Estate wants to give out free tickets to the ideal home show in Halifax! So give us a call at 902 449 6342! We can meet you there and give you a guided tour of companies worth talking to (and which ones raise your blood pressure).

We’re Here To Help

We are real estate agents that are well versed in renovations and value. We know the home is where the heart is, and the heart just wants to be happy. Having a good day to day experience where you live really does make the difference of a good quality of life. Our goal is to create strategies that serve as solutions for you to start living “The Halifax Dream.” When you decide on what your priorities are you will be prepared to attend the ideal home show!

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